IMI - Inventory Management Innovations from Englewood Marketing Group
IMI - Inventory Management Innovations from Englewood Marketing Group


Introducing Inventory Management Innovations from Englewood Marketing Group

IMI is a revolutionary way for companies to acquire product for sale online or bring them to the retail market while increasing sales opportunities in both ecommerce and retail arenas.

Challenge: You have a great product, but expensive minimum orders and long lead times are disrupting your finances, in-stock inventory and customer service.

Solution: Enter IMI, an affiliate of Englewood Marketing Group. We buy and pay for your inventory directly from your supplier, warehouse it, execute digital order processing and either drop ship direct-to-consumer or bulk ship to your customer’s warehouse.

Benefits to Your Company:

  • Pays your suppliers, freeing up your capital
  • Repayment to IMI from sales proceeds only, no guarantees – replenishment of inventory as needed
  • Negotiates product payment terms and logistics from manufacturer
  • Stores inventory free of charge and provides pick, pack and ship services to consumers or retailers
  • Operates three strategic regional warehouses that can provide 2-day shipping to +90% of the US
  • Employs a team of sales professionals with existing relationships at major eCommerce and brick-and-mortar retailers, giving your company instant access to new channels
  • Works with our China-based team of engineering and production experts to help design, source and oversee manufacturing

Your next move? Through EMG’s IMI single-source solution you can simplify your product procurement and replenishment strategy while keeping your capital for other uses.

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