EMG’s high performing direct-to-consumer fulfillment program connects top brands and related item content with key e-commerce retailers. EMG buys, holds, and ships products to the consumer with same day/next day speed. With more than 20 years of experience shipping for major e-commerce retailers, EMG provides industry-leading fulfillment services for products of all shapes, sizes, categories, and price points.

EMG distribution services

Your 3PL Inventory
EMG-Owned Inventory

Product is stored in one of EMG’s 3 strategically located fulfillment locations

EMG ecommerce inventory management

EMG’s Marketplace & Vendor-Direct Content Expertise

EMG creates all item content, including optimizing online item listings (titles, bullets, images, SEO, etc…)

EMG Shopify , marketplace, and ecommerce services

EMG as Direct Supplier to Major e-commerce Retailers
as Direct Marketplace Seller to Consumers

EMG sells products on a wide variety of key shopping marketplaces & e-commerce sites – opening an array of new channels or complementing existing products on retailers’ sites

EMG Amazon Fulfillment , marketplace fulfillment, and direct to consumer fulfillment

EMG Quickly and Efficiently Picks, Packs, and Drop Ships Orders to Consumer

We receive orders, pick, pack, and ship direct-to-consumers in 1-2 business days, handling all post sales customer service and returns