Over 8 decades of adding value for manufacturers and retailers.

The ability to adapt is the key to thriving long term. What started in 1932 as Englewood Electric, a Midwest distributor of electrical and apparatus supply, is today Englewood Marketing Group (EMG), a national distribution, marketing and logistics solutions provider focused on category-leading kitchen, home and personal care products.

By listening, reacting and executing, we utilize a winning approach to serving both our retail and our manufacturer partners. Combined with our desire to succeed, we excel as a strategic partner in the competitive and consolidating world of manufacturing and retail.

Through the 1980s, nearly all small electric appliances were manufactured and distributed in the USA. As international trade shifted in the 90s, the need for global logistics became critical in the supply chain. Just-in-time delivery was the new standard efficiency to survive. EMG was there to bridge the gap.

With internet sales on the horizon in the 2000s, EMG quickly became one of the first distribution groups to ship direct-to-consumer. EMG remains on the forefront of EDI transactions with 24-hour turnaround. Today we can process upward of 40,000 individual shipments per day.

In 2009, we acquired Nostalgia Electrics. As parent to a manufacturer with offices in China and a global presence, we have unique insight into the challenges of executing in today’s retail environment. Leveraging that knowledge with our manufacturing partners provides a strategic advantage.

Automated warehouses strategically placed in CA, WI and GA continue to drive efficiencies for our value-added partnerships. Combined with our high-tech digital hub, EMG provides the means for our manufacturing partners through a single access point to gain instant reach to every retailer across the country. And for our retail partners, we provide seamless transactions fluent to their native language with high expertise in delivering product in compliance with their routing requirements.

We have built our reputation by creating relationships centered on a foundation of trust and partnership. Manufacturers needed an innovative partner; we adapted. Retailers demanded more value; we delivered.

Time Line


Englewood Electric operates as a Midwest distributor of electrical supplies


Englewood Electric opens branch in Green Bay, WI


Englewood Electric grows rapidly by partnering with over 100 manufacturers for appliance distribution


Current ownership group acquires Englewood Electric and forms Englewood Marketing Group (“EMG”) to diversify business portfolio


EMG adds warehouse in Cleveland, Ohio, and begins distribution for internet fulfillment and offers 3PL services


EMG pioneers direct-to-consumer fulfillment of Amazon.com orders and adds Fontana, California warehouse


EMG partners with Philips and WBS to manage the small dealer customer base


EMG purchases Nostalgia Electrics, adds manufacturing expertise and works with Shenzhen, China office


EMG expands global sales in over 30 countries


EMG builds alliances with Chinese OEM factories


EMG partners with 3:13 telesales expanding small dealer reach


EMG establishes its own office in Shunde, China


EMG acquires Farberware licenses including microwaves, urban living and refrigeration


EMG opens new warehouse in Savannah, GA and automates Green Bay warehouse