EMG Fulfillment and Distribution

Our logistics platform provides instant access and industry expertise that covers all retail channels. We offer strategically located “prime designated” warehouses that reach 98% of the U.S. within two days ground transit. We deliver a comprehensive vertical solution designed to solve all your operational needs including:

  • Order Processing: Advanced systems ensure automated accuracy in picking efficiency, while dedicated customer service reps oversee the end-to-end process.
  • Transportation and Freight Services: Network of cost-effective carriers including ocean freight, over-the-road, rail, air and parcel carriers.
  • Document Management: Experience in full compliance of import and export documents providing expedited service.

Let us help simplify your go-to-market strategy. Our complete back office and warehouse solutions allow you to focus on what you do best: creating new products.

Come join the EMG team and find out what trusted brands have appreciated for years.

We have a vested interest in your success.


EMG can provide your organization the most cost-effective way to reach the independent small dealer customer channel. We have internal teams specifically dedicated to this type of business, including sales, customer service, warehouse operations and accounts receivable.

We have proven experience in covering the independent retailers in the following key channels:

  • Catalog
  • Drug
  • Gourmet specialty
  • Grocery
  • Hardware
  • Hospitality/Hotel supply
  • Institutional
  • Premium and incentive
  • Restaurant supply
  • Sporting goods


Supply Chain Management

EMG’s purchasing team provides our vendors with the most comprehensive and detailed analysis relating to all aspects of supply chain management:

  • Merchandising: We provide our vendors with the right product mix to target the right channels of business. We utilize best practices to be successful with targeted retailers and classes of trade.
  • Demand Planning: Our team of demand planners incorporates historical information, trend analytics and customer forecasting to properly evaluate supply chain needs.
  • Forecasting: We understand the importance of visibility in upcoming demand in the supply chain process. Each month, EMG provides our vendor partners a rolling 6-month forecast for all items we purchase to ensure we meet our retailer’s demand.
  • Fill Rate Levels: We provide our retail partners with exceptional in-stock levels for our product lines by ensuring that we carry the proper number of weeks of supply for all products based on demand.
  • POS Management and Analytics: EMG gathers and analyzes retailer POS data so that we and our vendor partners can see and react to trends at the retail level.



  • Vendor of Record – Established Access
  • Demand Planning/POS Analytics
  • Inventory Management – Custom Reporting
  • A/R – Claims Management
  • Call Center
  • Risk Management
  • Established Credit Line
  • Reverse Logistics