Counting nearly all major online retailers among its customer base, EMG has a dedicated team of experienced e-commerce account managers to watch over every aspect of starting, finessing or growing an online business. With a broad view of the e-commerce market to draw from, and using a consultative approach, our account managers can help pinpoint and capitalize on opportunities large and small. From product selection to promotional planning to seasonal forecasting, our team works with retailers every step of the way to collaboratively plan and build e-commerce and omnichannel business.

EMG offers its online retailers access to more than 50 key brands and up to 2,000 individual products, including numerous new-to-market and EMG-exclusive lines that can’t be found anywhere else on the virtual planet. Through EMG, retailers can focus on one key vendor relationship while our team does the rest, working hand-in-hand with key brand partners and manufacturers to help navigate the ever-changing marketplace to the greatest effect.

EMG’s diverse product offerings cover everything from slow cookers to party-ready nut roasters—in other words, everything from soup to nuts as the old saying goes. But nothing’s old about our assortment curation, providing an always-updated lineup that ranges from trendy, as-seen-on-TV items and state-of-the-art personal health gizmos to classic small kitchen appliances and houseware brands. EMG is a one-stop-shop for filling product needs for retailers across the kitchen and home.

EMG’s expert e-commerce team can help inform and guide retailers to the perfect mix of products, all of which are drop-shippable from our nationwide facilities. From seasonal trends to top-seller features, EMG draws on years of product and brand history to help tailor everyday and promotional product offerings to a season, a promo, a theme, a price point—or any and everything in between.

EMG’s sales and buying teams work closely with both retailers and manufacturers to review historical sales results and to craft future product forecasts. Combining three regional distribution centers, assortments, and inventories from a comprehensive base of national and international retailers, timely and accurate forecasts, retailers are given access to EMG’s corporate inventory when and where it’s needed, without the cost or considerations needed to stock and ship the same goods on their own.

From eye-catching banners to social-media-savvy contests to record-setting flash sales, EMG has planned, done, and seen it all in the e-commerce promotional and marketing world. Our in-house creative, sales and support teams have gained experience from, and has taught, the biggest and best brands and retailers in the industry, helping to drive sales and blast past promotional expectations.

EMG’s digital marketing team is an e-commerce-only, content-generating powerhouse, providing all text, images, enhanced/A+ content, and digital assets necessary to capture and hold online shoppers’ attention and drive them towards a completed sale. Having created an innovative, industry-leading template and formula to capitalize on mobile shopping trends, EMG is now consulting for manufacturers and retailers on how to do the same for their own brands and sites.

With more than four decades of combined e-commerce experience—c­­oupled with keen brick-and-mortar retail know-how—EMG can provide retailers insight into the who, what, when, where and how of brands, categories and items in a way few others can in this rapidly-changing e-commerce and omnichannel retail world.

EMG continues to drop ship for the largest e-commerce retailers providing the highest levels of accuracy and on time performance since 2003. Our state-of-the-art, high-capacity fulfillment centers exceed the requirements of every online retailer EMG supports, with a seamless fulfilled by the retailer look. EMG can serve retailers as an extension of or substitute for their own fulfillment facilities.
With our flexible systems and expert in-house IT staff, EMG can connect with retailers in a plethora of ways, whether it’s through EDI or a leading third-party (3P) provider, such as CommerceHub. Once connected, regular inventory feeds, automated order receipt, efficient processing and timely confirmations are the norm. We have additional solutions for smaller retailers that allow for automated order processing without the need for full EDI integration.
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