Counting nearly all major online retailers among its customer base, EMG has a dedicated and experienced e-commerce team to watch over every aspect of starting, finessing, or growing an online business. With a broad view of the e-commerce market to draw from, and using a consultative approach, we can help pinpoint and capitalize on opportunities large and small. From product selection to promotional planning to seasonal forecasting, our team works with retailers every step of the way to collaboratively plan and build your e-commerce and omnichannel business.

Drawing on a broad base of historical data, coupled with years of experience, EMG’s team of experts can help manufacturers craft the perfect e-commerce-ready assortment and channel strategy to help find the most success on key online retail platforms. By reviewing movement and trends, we’ll continue to engage and collaborate with manufacturers on ways to adjust or enhance future introductions and assortments.

Working as far as six months out, our dedicated account managers engage with major e-commerce retailers and internal buyers, along with warehouse teams, to help forecast expected demand by month, week, and even day, resulting in location-optimized forecasts sent to EMG manufacturers. We work in collaboration with our manufacturers to adjust ongoing forecasts to ensure right-sized inventory levels for maximized sales performance.

From eye-catching banners to social-media-savvy contests to record-setting flash sales, EMG has planned, done, and seen it all in the e-commerce promotional and marketing world. Our in-house creative, sales, and support teams have learned from, and has taught, the biggest and best brands and retailers in the industry, helping to drive sales and blast past promotional expectations.

EMG’s digital marketing team is an e-commerce-only, content-generating powerhouse, providing all text, images, enhanced/A+ content, and digital assets necessary to capture and hold online shoppers’ attention and drive them towards a completed sale. Having created an innovative, industry-leading template and formula to capitalize on mobile shopping trends, EMG is now consulting for manufacturers and retailers on how to do the same for their own brands and sites.

With more than four decades of combined e-commerce experience—c­­oupled with keen brick-and-mortar retail know-how—EMG can provide retailers insight into the who, what, when, where and how of brands, categories and items in a way few others can in this rapidly-changing e-commerce and omnichannel retail world.

EMG has been drop-shipping major brands for the largest e-commerce retailers since 2003, offering a ready-made fulfillment solution for manufacturers seeking increased online placement. As a frequent retailer award for high-shipping metric achievement, our state-of-the-art, high-capacity fulfillment centers exceed the timeliness and turnaround standards of every online retailer they support, with a seamless fulfilled-by-the-retailer look.

EMG supports its manufacturers’ products with all the necessary EDI capability that connecting to major online retail operations requires. We can talk the EDI talk, whether working to connect with retailers via leading industry providers, like CommerceHub and SPS Commerce, or creating a custom solution through our in-house IT staff.

Calling on years of content creating and order-fulfilling experience, EMG’s seasoned e-commerce, IT and shipping experts can help design, launch, manage and market vendor-specific shopping websites with direct-to-consumer order fulfillment of the highest order.

Key members of EMG’s e-commerce team have launched and managed dozens of major brands at Amazon since its earliest days. We were among the first handful of brands in the industry to onboard with Amazon’s direct-to-consumer drop-ship program. Today, we’re a key, Prime-Certified vendor and shipper, meeting the most stringent performance standards for goods shipped to consumers and Amazon fulfillment centers. With that knowledge, EMG can help manufacturers navigate FCs, 1P, SFP and FBA better than anyone.

We know the tricky ins-and-outs and pro-tips of marketing goods directly on the Amazon platform as a third-party (3P) seller. From being “Amazon’s Choice” to winning the “Buy Box” to embarking on a “Fulfilled by Amazon” program, EMG can share the wisdom we’ve gained, such as MAP preservation strategies. We’ll also offer valuable insight into how to defensively protect business being done by unwanted third-party sellers on the Amazon platform.

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